On the adjustment of industrial structure upgrading security


On the adjustment of industrial structure upgrading security

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On the adjustment of industrial structure upgrading security

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Industry structure refers to the constitution and the industry of an industry in the national economy and the interlinkages between proportional relationship with other industries, the industrial structure of the balance is to support industrial stable development.

Security industry structure contains two meanings. The first layer of meaning refers to the security industry structure and proportion in the national economy, that is the security industry in the national economy proportion. Study the meaning of this layer structure of the security industry, it helps to understand the real social needs of the security industry, security industry, the allocation of resources in the national economy is suitable for the needs of social and economic development. In 2010 China's security industry output value reached 23 billion yuan, GNP over the same period nearly 37 trillion yuan, the security industry output value accounted for about 0.7% GDP, the proportion is still small.

Its second meaning refers to the ratio between the structure and security within the industry. It refers to the interaction with various industrial contacts between the security industry, as well as the structure and proportions in contact with each other in formation. Reasonable security industry structure, economic resources are fully and make rational use of intra-industry and inter-industry coordination of development and to give full play to the effectiveness, facilitate access to the best social and economic benefits.

First, the structural characteristics of the security industry

China's security industry after decades of development, and gradually formed a wide range of industrial chain, the formation of solid protection, video surveillance, alarm operation, access control, software and system integration, explosion-proof security, consulting services and other business types. From business forms divided into manufacturing security, security engineering, security services; divided from technical factors, divided into traditional security and modern security, modern security features of electronic information technology.

In 2010, according to the latest statistics, China's security companies reached about 25,000, employing more than 1.2 million people. On this basis, the 2009 data have a more detailed information, to a certain extent reflects the structural condition of the security industry. Statistics show that in 2008 China's security products to approximately more than 10,000 enterprises, employing about 400,000 people; security engineering design of a certain size, installation, integration of about 12,000 companies, employing about 30 million people; security alarm operation services enterprise about 3000, employing about 20 million people; a variety of security distribution, agency, intermediary service companies about 5,000 companies, employing about 100,000 people.

Type of business enterprise number (home) the number of enterprises (%) Number of employees (million) Number of employees (%)

Security company 1000033.34040.0

Security Project Enterprise 1200040.03030.0


Services alarm operation and service companies 300010.02020.0

Agent, intermediary business 500016.71010.0

2008 Structure of security companies

China's security industry after 30 years of development, especially in recent years of rapid development, achieve a certain scale, formed a relatively complete industrial chain. In the fast-growing industrial scale but also exposed some of the structural problems, including product structure, corporate structure, market structure, the nature of the economic structure, regional structure and even irrational personnel structure, etc., become the bottleneck of industrial steady and rapid development. Specific features: number of enterprises, small-scale; the industrial structure, the manufacture of light weight service; advanced manufacturing deficiency, lack of core technology; regional development, industrial layout unbalanced market is not standardized.

Second, the structure of the security industry status quo

Security as a cross-sector industry, the initial stage of the multi-disciplinary process from foreign brands, imports began to assemble, local research and development capacity is relatively weak. In recent years, this situation has been initially improved.

(A) the lack of barriers to direct investment into the core areas of security is the ability to upgrade the industrial structure of the

Industrial investment needed to support technological capabilities. Technological capabilities, including the ability to select investments and technology, product development and design capabilities, process equipment design and manufacturing capabilities, supporting the ability of components, product quality testing capabilities, and so on. Over the past period of time, China's investment mainly confined to the direction of security processing, absorbing foreign products, the reason is that restricted investment capacity. The security doors, safes (boxes) and other investments in these areas have been able to herd, because investment in these areas will not be significant in terms of technical barriers to the production of these products, machinery, equipment, materials, etc. context, can be met most of the production support conditions. In the development of the security industry for 30 years up, security door business is one of the largest manufacturing group, it is a reality of the best comments.

In the field of electronic security products, domestic import large quantities every year a lot of special equipment, the core components, many investment projects do not form the basis of product technology, process equipment and other fixed assets is still dependent on imports in terms of technical equipment, but to engage in domestic some plants, installation and supporting civil engineering and production of products. Increased investment, but the investment is mostly used to "buy" equipment, curing the pattern of low security industry structure.

(B) The security industry is a short chain structure of the substance of a low degree of

Short chain performance for security industry truly bearer embodies the core of the industry's lack of sophistication. From outside the security industry, the national economy as a whole also has a lack of structural upgrading and industrial control the driving force leading industries (such as chip manufacturing); from within the industry point of view, but also the lack of core technology and content processing sectors. Less production processes, shorter processing chain described technological progress and upgrading of production circuitous process of alienation from outside the security industry. In the process of industrialization, the production is the production structure upgrade roundabout, growth mode from quantity to quality and transformation of signs. Refers to the production of the roundabout process of production of the final product increasingly long processing sectors increased, processing means more complex. Thus continue to rise to new processing sector, new technology system and processing system. New technologies, new processes, new products to support the core business are emerging, new supporting processing enterprises and related industry groups have been generated, a new industrial chain. Eventually added value and technological content of products improved, revolutionary changes in the structure of the connotation of the industrial system occurs, the traditional leading industries give way to a higher technological content and degree of processing industries.

Less (iii) capacity for independent innovation is the low level of industrial structure of the ultimate source

Our security industry, its capacity is reflected in the latest electronic and information technology integration and application, serialized along the industry chain carried out, closely associated with technological innovation is still relatively lacking, technological innovation, lack of adequate investment, innovation and institutional mechanisms the environment is still not perfect, but also the lack of upgrading technological innovation support.

In addition, the special properties of the security industry has a certain influence on the restructuring of the security industry. First, the security industry related to the security of the country and society, and its threshold to enter the industry; secondly, the security industry is still relatively small scale; again, cross-sectoral, cross-industry, cross-ownership. Policy management in the industry, currently confined to a single sector or one or two sectors of Policy Co-ordination, lack of overall national-level system policy. Such as security and electronic information industry, the security industry and finance industries, market acceptance is not enough, the lack of independence for industry promotion policy. At the corporate level, our security system evolved from a planned economy came, territorial management characteristics significantly.

Third, adjust the industrial structure of China's security goal

China's security industry restructuring to achieve three main objectives: first, to develop advanced security products manufacturing, overcoming obstacles core technology, to create high-end products with international advanced level; secondly, to the development of modern security services; Third, we must establish the overall national economy and security to adapt to the modern industrial system.

(A) To strengthen enterprise integration, and gradually increased industrial concentration

In just the past 10 years, China produced a large number of security companies, these enterprises with annual sales of 500 million or less, more than 80%, with annual sales exceeding 10 billion yuan less. Enterprise "small door small family", to provide a good consolidation opportunities.

In accordance with international market standards, a specification mature market, 20% of companies in the industry, should have 80% market share, of which the first three should have control over the market share of more than 50% strength. In China, both traditional physical protection products manufacturer, or modern electronic security companies, the top 10 companies of the market are lower than this ratio, especially in the first 10 electronic security business of the enterprise, its market occupy the domestic market share does not exceed 10%. Such a large Chinese security market, without heavyweights, will inevitably geographic market segmentation and competitive situation. To solve this problem, the Chinese security companies must take the road to integration, by making it a leader in the survival of the fittest, the formation of large enterprises and enterprise groups through a variety of ways, and build a new market competition.

(Ii) adjust the internal structure of the security industry, the formation of advanced manufacturing and large-scale enterprises as the leading alarm service industry development pattern

International security companies after nearly a century of development, mostly based on patterns formed as the leading alarm services, security products manufacturing industry is under the guidance of the development of the service sector, as the service sector is the direct market-oriented, market-oriented . And with advanced technology manufacturing, which in turn promote the development and enhance the efficiency of services, and promote each other form a cycle.

In developed countries, for example, we can see that the basic trends. South Korea, Japan, the United States with respect to the proportion of manufacturing is relatively high, because the volume of domestic exports South Korea, Japan and large security companies, it is thanks to the huge market of China security industry.

National Security Manufacturing proportion (%) the proportion of the security services (%)

US 2575

Japan 51.648.4

France 3070

The proportion of national security a major international manufacturing and service industries

In the development of China's security market, there is a very worth pondering the phenomenon can also be reversed to confirm this trend. When China's security market began to take shape, a large number of foreign security companies in the form of products to enter the Chinese market; when China began producing security products, when foreign companies began to layout security services; Chinese security companies working in the field of time when traditional security foreign companies have for the broader social personal services field; when the Chinese traditional manufacturing bigger security when foreign companies but also to the leading enterprises mergers and acquisitions; when the future Chinese security companies turn to security services, it must face to compete with international enterprises in the efficiency and quality of service.

At present, some domestic-scale enterprises are changing the strategy, to the alarm service industry, this is a good start. In view of this, China's security companies should plan as soon as possible, to develop advanced manufacturing and large-scale alarm service enterprises, to seize the key points of the final customer. Development of advanced manufacturing industry as a whole can improve the level and efficiency, the development of large-scale police operations services to leading enterprises and government agencies to facilitate, finance, insurance, and other enterprises to achieve docking, easy to organize markets, capital, technology and resources to facilitate integration within a larger region develop new markets, unified maintenance operations.

(C) In the product structure, to increase the share of high-tech content

Whether traditional or modern security industry, security industry, there is a problem to improve the technological content of products. For modern security companies, whose intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, system software platform, explosion-proof security system, and then deep into the core chip system, we need to have high-tech support. For the traditional physical security products, also has great potential to improve the quality of, and need for modern technology grafting, the formation of a new generation of products. Such as processing of security doors, security door locks upgrading, security door and face recognition, fingerprint recognition, real-time electronic monitoring, remote network monitoring, there is a huge market demand. We must speed up the use of high technology to transform traditional security industry, improve quality and efficiency and competitiveness of traditional security industry.

To establish a modern industrial system security, within the industry, we must strengthen and expand through, reflect the vitality and influence of the industry; on the outside, must be clearly locate social security industry, to improve the environment for the development of the industry, so that the security industry and other emerging industries, to encourage more countries to enjoy and promotion policies.

Fourth, to enhance the way our industrial structure and security measures

(A) technological innovation is the basic way to enhance the security of the industrial structure

The development of the security industry is the internal structure of the security industry continuously from one equilibrium to another dynamic equilibrium process whose equilibrium was broken by the security entrepreneurs through technical innovation. Technical innovation is the entrepreneur to a new security factors of production and production conditions into production system, technology innovation to improve the efficiency of resource allocation, thus promoting the development of the security industry. Security industry should be formed as soon as a more effective mechanism for technological innovation, accelerate the pace of technological innovation.

Security technology innovation, industrial development and industrial structure of the three closely related. Optimization and upgrading of the establishment of technological innovation on the basis of industrial structure, the development of production provides a good carrier material, technological innovation contribution to industrial development through the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure manifested indirectly. Specifically, security technology innovation to promote industrial upgrading by three manifested: to promote the transformation of traditional industries, to promote the emergence of new industries, to promote the elimination of backward industries. Security in the development of traditional industries, along with the development of technological innovation and electronic information, new materials technology, making new, higher performance products on the market can get higher returns, and promote the inflow of production factors and resources within the industry flow, to achieve the transformation of traditional industries.

In our security video surveillance industry, for example, 30 years, has gone through at least four generations of technological progress. Its core technology and application of key products to achieve the replacement and upgrading of video surveillance.

First Generation Second Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation

Core optical imaging technology video digital compression video processing chip intelligent video analysis technology

Video surveillance before upgrading

Only in industrial progress, the introduction of more products and technologies, reflecting the lack of independent intellectual property core technology. It is foreseeable that electronic information technology, optical technology, new materials technology as a symbol of technological revolution, will lead to better performance and higher efficiency of the birth of a series of high-tech products, video surveillance industry structure exhibits a new pattern. The industrial structure is through innovative technology, to achieve the transformation of traditional industries, new industries rise and elimination of backward industries to achieve optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

To upgrade the structure of China's security industry, now we have the basic conditions. From a static point of view, all aspects of the security industry chain has a corresponding corporate body, a large number of security companies committed to the development of innovation; innovation platform and have the basic facilities, R & D and laboratory equipment; preliminary With innovation capacity reserves, science and technology team has accumulated scientific research. From a dynamic point of view, forming a technological innovation system capabilities supporting multi-level fields associated, in particular, systems integration, software development capability, and formed a continuous improvement, technological innovation to adapt to the new requirements of the institutional mechanisms, electronic information industry the latest technology in the security industry is able to be applied. More development of the market environment in which technical personnel and capital flows, the security industry for the realization of the security upgrading of industrial structure provides the basic conditions.

(B) a measure of the basic conditions for industrial restructuring and upgrading of security

The security industry a competitive industrial sector has been better if the development is the core of the problem and the basic conditions. The security industry a competitive industry is manufacturing, manufacturing of electronic security products, which is a new industry. If the industry better development, it means more technological content and value-added of industry was faster development.

Security industry organization has been optimized, whether the emergence of a group of excellent brand and excellent enterprises with international competitiveness. Upgrading of industrial structure, is not only a process of structural optimization, security companies is a more reasonable direction to the process of change, which at the same time technological advances to promote the optimization and reorganization of enterprises.

Security around the middle of the industrial structure of manufacturing value-added services to provide an intermediate for the manufacture of these productive sectors and departments, whether to get a better development.

Competitiveness and innovation of traditional security industry whether further excitation.

Whether the security industry labor productivity improved, whether a third-party evaluation services, and promote the development of all kinds of intermediary, consulting, training, maintenance, maintenance and other security services.

V. Conclusion

Restructuring and upgrading of the security industry is a gradual process, make up the short board is a continuous process, the middle part of a breakthrough, the formation of a new growth point, driven by the development of other sectors, leading to enhance the security of the industrial structure. Industrial restructuring and upgrading of security is a process, and therefore the need for a unified planning and objectives require strong promotion and implementation, to achieve this goal step by step.

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